Terms of sales

There is no possible deviation from these conditions.

The items offered for sale on the site www.laubeyne.comor www.sisterskit.com are described in the most comprehensive manner possible, as faithful to reality. However, some products may contain minor differences compared to the picture of the item, for example the shades of colors

For example, if the customer wishes a pair of items, it is best order both items at the same time, because we will make sure that the parts are from the same source.

The site and its contents, descriptions, pictures, associations, are the property of Laubeyne or Sisterskit. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, publish in any way whatsoever the content for profit. Our creative ideas are protected and may not be copied for commercial purposes.

All items ordered on the site www.laubeyne.com or www.sisterskit.com will be paid to the order by credit card via the secure Paypal service or other secure organism that we can offer.

The items ordered are for individuals, for private use. Professional use is prohibited.

The transfer of ownership and risks associated with them are transferred at the time of delivery to the customer, to the shipping address provided on the purchase order even if it is not the home of the internet customer.

Information about transport and return conditions at the bottom of the home page of our website www.laubeyne.com or www.sisterskit.com are an integral part of these conditions and therefore must be applied.

Laubeyne and Sisterskit try to run the shipping and delivery as fast as possible. Please note that some of our products are entirely manufactured in our workshops according to the order, which means that a reasonable delivery time is acceptable. The internet customer cannot claim a refund before 30 days late. Unless the client was warned from Laubeyne or Sisterskit by email and agreed by return email.


Overall responsibility for the sale via the site www.laubeyne.com or www.sisterskit.com site is only incurred in the event of fraud or serious error on its part or that of his staff.

Only Belgian law is applicable. Any dispute falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Nivelles.

The possible invalidity of one of the legal provisions hereof shall in no way affect the other.


All the items for sale are calculated with a VAT of 21% applicable to the countries of the European Union.

For countries outside the UE, VAT is 21%, but import duties will be levied by the administration of customs and excise duty of the country in question and will be at charge of the internet customer.


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