Confidentiality clause


Protection of privacy

In accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy concerning the processing of personal data that Laubeyne or Sisterskit have obtained from the Internet customer when purchased online, the user explicitly allows Laubeyne or Sisterskit to keep its data in a file and process as mentioned in the aforementioned 1992 law.

The personal data are exclusively intended for internal use, commercial and marketing.

Explanations :

Laubeyne and Sisterskit respect privacy and do not wish in any way to betray the trust of their customers. The information received will be used to inform us about our products, our services, our promotions, our deliveries, our billings.

The information requested will be: name, address, telephone number (optional), e-mail address (required).

In fact the safest way for communication between the customer and Laubeyne or Sisterskit is the e-mail, copy (double) and written notice for the 2 parties.

Laubeyne and Sisterskit are committed to protect information about their clients by technical and physical means to prevent disclosure.

About credit card, the data are processed by a secure payment agency with all necessary protections. We have no access to these data.

Our sites or give you access, for information only, to links to other sites that are not our property, if you want to access these sites, you will need to check their policy confidentiality that are independent of ours and whose Laubeyne and Sisterskit are not responsible.


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