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Welcome on our sites and

We did our best to make sure that the discovery of our sites will be easy and accessible to all.

To get or return to our home pages :

Click on the logo of the site Laubeyne or Sisterskit.

To get to our products and creations :

- Either you click on a picture that you see on our home page, knowing that it will only be a small sample of our collections.

- Or you click on a topic or sub-topic, for instance : Lampshade, doll, kit, floor lamp,… and you can see all the products of this list.

- Or you click on the most used « KEYWORDS » that are suggested.

- Or you type a keyword in the box « search » and click on « go »

  To create a « wish list » :

You can keep a series of items in a list, without buying, it will help you find your favorite items after you have thought about it or compared with other sites.

When you are on the item profile, click on the heart under the cart. It will go in your wish list named « my list »

Then, to buy this object, you just have to click on the picture of the item stored in « my list », then click on the cart.

To compare 2 or 3 items :

Click on the small white square on the upper left of the picture of the 2 or 3 desired objects, then click on « compare ».  The 3 objects will be side by side on your screen.

When finished, you have to uncheck the 3 items.

To create an account :

The system will necessarily offer it to you when you want to create a wish list (give only your e-mail address and encode a password) or buy an item (other information will then be asked, in accordance with the privacy policy).

To shop :

Enter the description page of the object you like, click on the cart, it will directly go to « my cart ».

If an object is in the cart, you can always remove it.

To calculate the transport cost:

We always honestly mention the cost of transport.

Some items are advertised directly with "free shipping", this concerns: Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany.

From 50 EUR transport is free of charge for Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany

For the lower costs, the price is automatically calculated as follows: A cost of € 7.53 (in Belgium) is expected to pay the transporter that will deliver you by truck, which will save you the price of fuel you would use to pick up your purchases at Genval in Walloon Brabant. This amount of € 7.53 is a fixed price for every purchase of 8 kg maximum. For example if you buy 7 items of 500 gr on on (which is the average weight of the items on this site), you are still under 8 kg,so the amount of the shipping will remain € 7.53 for the FULL order. We strongly recommend you to group your orders as possible. And if you exceed € 50 purchase, the problem is solved because the transport charges are cancelled, as explained above.

If you exceed 8 Kg, the transport costs will be very slightly higher but you will be notified in the details of the order before payment.

Transport costs (under 8 kg):

Belgium: 6,22 EUR excluding VAT

France: 11,25 EUR ex. VAT

Luxembourg: 7,57 ex. VAT

Germany: 8,06 EUR ex. VAT

Netherlands: 7,02 EUR ex. VAT

United Kingdom: 12,47 EUR ex. VAT

To finalize the order.

Click on "my cart" and follow the procedure that starts with the encoding of your data, information for delivery and ends with the secure payment. Just before the payment, you can still remove an object in the summary with the red cross.

To receive your gifts :

If you exceed a certain amount of purchase, the gift comes automatically in the cart with the word "offered". For example, after purchasing 50 EUR on, you receive a decorative fabric heart. If you want a second one, you can buy it by clicking on the picture of the heart that is for sale on the site and then add to cart. The first one will remain free and the second one will cost you € 4.24.

To post a comment:

If you are already registered via "my account" on our site, simply go to the description page for the selected object, click on "comment" next to "learn more." Otherwise you can register without obligation to purchase and without obligation to subscribe to the newsletter: See above: to create an account.

Note : when you go with your mouse on « my cart », you only see 3 purchases maximum… To see all your purchases, click on « my cart » and you will get the whole list. 

To contact us :

Please use our contact form at the bottom of the home page.


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