Deliveries and returns

The transport of your package.

We carefully prepared your package and its packaging in order to avoid any trouble and any complaint. However, all the information below have to be taken into account.

The packages are generally sent within 48 hours after getting your payment. The usual method of shipment is Bpost followed by, in principle, the European post services affiliated to Bpost. The delivery to the client is done without signature. Following the circumstances, other methods of transport are possible (like UPS-DPD  etc).

No matter the method of shipment that is selected, we provide you as soon as we can a link that allows you to follow on line the delivery of your package.

In case of absence or impossibility to deliver your package, a written notice from the delivery person will be put in your mailbox, it will mention how to get to your package, for example directly at the post office of your city – a phone number to get a new appointment – another delivery place. You will always have to prove your identity.

We draw your attention because the package will remain two weeks in the delivery center, after this period it will be returned, we advise you to check the delivery, because in case of re-sending, all costs will be at your charge and it will imply a lot of worries.


Shipping charges include packaging, handling and postage. They may contain a fixed and a variable part based on price or weight of your order. We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders and you will have to pay postage for each of them. Your package is shipped at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile package.

The package are oversized and protected.

To calculate the cost of transport:

We always honestly mention the cost of transport.

Some items are advertised directly with "free shipping", this concerns: Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany.

From 50 EUR transport is free of charge for Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany

For the lower costs, the price is automatically calculated as follows: A cost of € 7.53 (in Belgium) is expected to pay the transporter that will deliver you by truck, which will save you the price of fuel you would use to pick up your purchases at Genval in Walloon Brabant. This amount of € 7.53 is a fixed price for every purchase of 8 kg maximum. For example if you buy 7 items of 500 gr on on (which is the average weight of the items on this site), you are still under 8 kg,so the amount of the shipping will remain € 7.53 for the FULL order. We strongly recommend you to group your orders as possible. And if you exceed € 50 purchase, the problem is solved because the transport charges are cancelled, as explained above.

If you exceed 8 Kg, the transport costs will be very slightly higher but you will be notified in the details of the order before payment.

Transport costs (under 8 kg):

Belgium: 6,22 EUR excluding VAT

France: 11,25 EUR ex. VAT

Luxembourg: 7,57 ex. VAT

Germany: 8,06 EUR ex. VAT

Netherlands: 7,02 EUR ex. VAT

United Kingdom: 12,47 EUR ex. VAT


Despite the care we take in the packaging of your purchase, in the respect of the conformity of your purchase to the description of the site (materials, measurements ...), the value for money, a return is and always will be possible.

-In case of damages to the packaging (you have to complain to the delivery person), or damages inside.

-In case of retraction (to be justified).

The return will not be possible if you do not mention the following information, full and detailed:


Invoice number

Your name

Your phone number

Your e-mail

The delivery address

The reasons                                               Defective

                                                              Does not satisfy me (any more)

                                                              Delivery error

                                                              Different from the description

                                                               Different from the illustration

                                                               Incorrect order

Items made according to your specifications and your choices (such as lampshades and lamp with shade) cannot be subject to a right of retraction. In case you return them to your own will, return costs will be at your charge.

We always hope 100% mutual satisfaction.



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